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YouTube marketing tips to increase YouTube subscribers in 2019

In 2019, everyone should know how to increase Youtube subscribers or how to get youtube views as YouTube marketing is going to be very profitable. Video marketing has a huge potential in digital marketing, therefore we bring the best marketing tips for 2019.

YouTube video is an amazing marketing tool that works as a spice for your social media posts and, if it will become successful you will get views and subscribers and hence ad revenue from it. So if you are planning to start YouTube marketing in 2019, then you must understand what is YouTube marketing first and how it will benefit your business.

There are above 50 million video content creators in YouTube who regularly upload videos, therefore your video content needs to be unique and best from others to compete and to get views.

Apart from this, while creating your video just keep on your mind that it should reach and engage with your core audience. As per the recent survey, it is found that maximum YouTube viewers don’t like to watch advertising videos. Hence, plan your video content precisely so that you can raise your brand awareness while keeping your viewers entertained.

If you want to outshine in YouTube marketing in 2019 then here is a complete guide for you. We are here to help you with the best YouTube marketing ideas to grow your business.

But, before doing all these you must focus on three key factors –

  1. Creating and optimizing your YouTube channel
  2. Understand your audience using data
  3. Advertising on YouTube through YouTube ads and influencer marketing

So, let’s find out what you can do in YouTube marketing in 2019 –

1. Set your goals right in 2019

YouTube video is the best marketing tool to increase brand awareness in 2019, therefore you must know how you are going to make your brand presence through video. Well, it is all about your brand, therefore, make sure that you are serving the right video to the right people at the right time.

YouTube wants their visitors to stay for a while, relax and unwind because YouTube’s achievement comes when the visitor extended their watch time by completing the video and continue to watch the next video and so. Therefore, to make your visitor watch your video, you have to set 3 goals –

Youtube goal 2019 for view and subscriber nexop technology

2. Quality is more important than metadata in 2019

In YouTube, metadata plays a very small role because having keywords in your video title and description doesn’t mean that your video will serve the best for the audience. As we have said above, YouTube wants visitors to stay, relax and unwind, and for that, you have to create interesting and quality video content.

We are not saying that you don’t need any metadata in your YouTube video marketing in 2019. Metadata plays an important role only when you publish your video for the first time because at that time YouTube doesn’t know much about your content. At that time, YouTube pays attention to the metadata which you have provided. So, create your title with the right keywords (containing up to 70 characters), make an interesting thumbnail and write a compelling video description by linking your website link using relevant hashtags.

YouTube evaluates your video’s views, likes, watch time, etc. to determine the quality of your video. Later, these signals become important and help to determine your video quality to rank on YouTube search. Thus, always focus on the quality of your video because your video ranking completely depends on the quality.

3. Build a YouTube community in 2019

Youtube Subscriber community nexop technology

Yes, to succeed in YouTube marketing in 2019 you have to build a YouTube community because getting thousands of subscribers doesn’t mean that you have a loyal fan base. People do subscribe to the channel, but it doesn’t mean that they will view your video whenever you will upload it. However, if you will build a community, loyalty can be measured by the return visits and fan engagement.

The most important thing in YouTube marketing 2019 is that think less about managing your channel, pay more attention to building community.

4. Learn about your audience to increase your YouTube channel’s subscribers

Increase subscriber nexoop technology

For every business, it is very important to know and understand their audience because you want to make engagement with them eventually while growing your business. When you will create your YouTube channel for business, you will get access to the Analytical Tabs. Through analytical tabs, you can look for quantitative insights on your channel and audience’s behavior including views, visit counts, revenue generated, interaction rate and average watch time.

The analytic tabs of YouTube contain the valuable data of your subscriber demographics and you have to pay attention to it. Because this data will help you to analyze your YouTube channel performance and will help you to reach the right audience.

When you will analyze your YouTube channel performances just focus on Watch Time and Demographics analytics more. While analyzing the performance keep these questions on your mind –

  1. When and where are your videos being viewed?
  2. What age group people are your viewers?
  3. What gender commonly identify as your viewers?

By doing regular analysis on your YouTube marketing, you will know your audience well and it will be great for you to deliver the best to the right audience. YouTube community has always been ignored by the marketers, but it is very helpful to find out your audience. By building or joining a community, you can directly interact with your audience and can get a better understanding of your audience.

5. Schedule your videos to upload

Video Upload schedule nexop technology

So, you are done with your video creation, but to well-optimize your video you have to put them in the rotation. For that you have to schedule your YouTube videos properly in 2019 because many subscribers use YouTube Channel as TV station, so you have to run it like TV station only.

Just be professional and post videos regularly on time because irregular video posts can lose your subscribers interests and trust as well. To schedule your videos and upload the videos in advance you can use The Creator Studio or any other tool. This tool will allow you to endorse your video releases with posts on other social media channels from the same dashboard.

6. Optimize your YouTube channel to gain subscribers

Gain Subscriber nexop technology

Like you optimize your video regularly, it is also equally important to optimize your YouTube channel as well. Your YouTube channel is your brand identity; therefore you have to provide constant experience across the channel to please your subscriber and to get more subscribers. By providing a consistent experience to the audience, you can bring more views and can convert those viewers into YouTube subscribers.

  1. Make your channel rich by adding relevant details in your profile such as keywords rich bio, attractive banner image (2560 x 1440 pixels, 2MB max), links to your website and social media profiles, and contact information with location.
  2. YouTube is a community and networking with different channels will enable you to build a strong relationship with other creators. Therefore, make a featured channels list in your YouTube profile to provide subscribers an easy access to other YouTube resources they might be interested in. It will add value to your YouTube account by providing an opportunity to work in collaboration with them.
  3. Organize your video playlist, so that it will autoplay until the playlist ends. Through an organized video playlist, you can keep your viewers longer on your channel while increasing the average watch time static of your channel. If you have well-organized your video playlist then there will be a logical progression from one video to another and there will be less probability of people clicking to other’s video.
  4. Translate your video into different language because according to YouTube, the maximum number of viewers is originated from other countries. Hence, adding subtitle to your video can help you to expand your reach worldwide. You can also crowdsource free translation through your fan base by simply turning on your community contribution and follow these steps –
  • -> Click your account name, and navigate to the Creator Studio.
  • -> In the menu to the left, click Translations & Transcriptions > Community Contributions.
  • -> Click Turn on for all videos to enable community contributions.

Crowdsource does not provide the best quality translated text though, but it is a good starting point to make your channel universal.

7. Try YouTube Advertising to increase subscribers

Investing in YouTube advertising is a great idea if you have funds because your YouTube channel is not the only place for people to watch content. But by paying for YouTube advertisement, you can reach to your targeted audience directly. If you haven’t done any YouTube advertising yet then let us make it clear for you. There are six varieties of YouTube advertising which you can choose as per your requirement.

Youtube Subscriber nexop technology 2019

But, what will be your key motive of doing YouTube advertising? Remember that your YouTube advertising should produce relevant and engaging content so that viewers won’t feel like they are watching an ad. Just keep your YouTube ad content simple, short, entertaining and hyper-targeted.

8. Work with an influencer in 2019

Youtube Influnencer 2019

Working with an influencer is the best idea to promote your products or services because 60% of YouTube subscribers trust on their favorite influencer’s opinion. By working in collaboration with a popular influencer, you will not just increase your brand presence but also increase your subscribers.

When it comes to working with an influencer, let the influencer do the talking because it will make the whole video naturally genuine and their followers can turn out to be your loyal subscriber.

9. Adapt and analyze YouTube Channel

Analyze youtube channel 2019 nexop technology

So, you have successfully built your YouTube channel and started publishing video content on a regular basis. But, it’s not done yet. Yes, you have to monitor your YouTube channel constantly to grow your channel. Therefore, whenever you will publish a YouTube video don’t forget to check YouTube analytics for:

  • -> Major changes in subscriber count
  • -> New or changing audience demographics
  • -> Video playback locations and traffic sources
  • -> Device reports (mobile, desktop, smart TVs, etc.)

Always read your Video Comments, because it is the best way to learn and understand what the audience thinks about your video and channel as well. Both positive and negative comments will help you to do better in your next video. Video comments generally help you to do better and gain the trust of the subscribers.


By implementing proper YouTube marketing strategies and producing quality video content on YouTube one can build their brand identity successfully. Just follow these YouTube marketing tips in 2019 precisely and make people coming back for more in your YouTube channel. 2019 will surely be going to be a fruitful year for the marketers who haven’t tried YouTube marketing yet. Strategies your YouTube marketing plans properly in 2019 to maximize your views, shares and subscribers.




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